Humanprogress.com is produced and maintained by Guinness Atkinson Asset Management, Inc. and is devoted to challenging the conventional wisdom about the state of humanity and planet earth. The state of humanity has never been better and the human condition continues to improve across the globe. This is a fact based view that is not evident in the daily news coverage that for a variety of reasons focuses on the negative.

Guinness Atkinson Asset Management is an asset management firm. Our interest in sharing the story and facts surrounding human progress is twofold. First, on a personal level, we’re bothered by the negativity the permeates the zeitgeist. This negativity might be acceptable if it were based in fact, but it is not. This incorrect negative world view shapes our culture, politics and social institutions and is inherently detrimental. We’d like to be among the voices setting the record straight.

Second, as investment managers we struggle to understand how investors can make investment decisions–short or long term–when the most commonly held world view–the chicken little view–is empirically false. A more accurate world view should make one a better investor.

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A word about our sources: Oddly enough, everything on the Internet isn’t true or accurate. Equally, much of the content on the Internet isn’t sourced so readers have no ability to verify facts and review sources. Our goal is to make sure any important facts mentioned on humanprogress.com contain links to the data source. We encourage readers to follow these links and judge the quality of the facts for themselves.